19 January 2006

Businessman stresses assault ordered by his biggest rival (Bucharest Daily News)

Businessman Gelu Tofan, who was attacked earlier this week by an unknown individual and hit in the head with a crowbar, said yesterday he was not interested in the aggressor, but in the man behind the aggression.
His comments came in support of allegations he had voiced a day earlier that the attack was ordered by his business rivals.
Tofan was attacked on Tuesday afternoon, in Bucharest's Dristor area. The assailant hit him in the head with an iron bar and the businessman was admitted to hospital with minor head trauma with multiple bruises and briefly losing conscience.
Tofan said police have started an investigation to capture the attacker and identify the person who may have ordered the attack. Police also made a sketch of the aggressor, based on Tofan's description.
According to the businessman, the attacker was a tall athletic man, over 40 years old, with dark
complexion, thin moustache and army haircut and, judging by the accent, is coming from the southern part of the country. Tofan said that before he attacked him, the individual said his name and his accent was specific for people from the south of the country, not from Moldavia or Transylvania. Tofan also said that at the time of the incident, he was not accompanied by his bodyguard, which is why he believes he was followed by the attacker, who was trying to find the best moment to get close to him without being prevented by anyone.
The businessman added that was not trying to influence the police investigation, but he thinks that Stefan Radulescu, a former administrator of his company Tofan Trans, may be behind the attack. According to the businessman, several people who filed complaints against Radulescu for various reasons also were victims of similar attacks and the aggressors were never identified.
Tofan and Radulescu were the main shareholders of Tofan Trans, a transportation company. The conflict between them emerged when Radulescu allegedly forged several documents in order to eliminate Tofan from the administration board.
Tofan filed charges against Radulescu, accusing him of various offences which cost the company about 40 million euros.
Meanwhile, another investigation began against Tofan, in relation to blackmail and illegal use of position and against prosecutor Constantin Gherta, who handled the case against Radulescu. The prosecutor is under investigation for blackmail and complicity to illegal use of position.
Tofan alleged that the investigation was triggered by Radulescu and that the attack against him was part of a wider plan of his former partner to destroy him.

Alecs Iancu

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