19 January 2006

Businessman Gheorghe Tofan was attacked and beat up in broad daylight (Evenimentul Zilei)

Business man Gheorghe Tofan on Tuesday was attacked and beat up in broad daylight in Complexului St. in Bucharest's Dristor neighborhood, by a still unidentified individual. According to witnesses, he was allegedly hit by a crowbar just outside his car. He was admitted into Floreasca Emergency Hospital and, around noon, he notified the police about what had happened. According to the suppositions of the business man, the attack might be connected with the open conflict between himself and his former business partner Stefan Radulescu. Contacted by phone, Stefan Radulescu did not make any comment on the accusations brought against him by Tofan. "I am only interested in my situation and the obstacles that Tofan and a few prosecutors have been putting in my way for a few years now. Anyway, no matter what happens, the blame is on me. That's what he said two years ago, when his car was on fire. I have not even slapped someone in my entire life", concluded Radulescu.

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