07 November 2003

Tofan Grup International lost three of its companies (Evenimentul Zilei)


Tofan Group International lost three of its companies after one of its owners, Gelu Tofan, hired Stefan Radulescu who in two years' time managed to operate successively fictitious capital raises as well as changes in the shareholders' structure which enabled him to take over most of the shares in Tofan Group and also change its name into Rotras International Holding. "I hired Stefan Radulescu and because he was a correct, honest and skillful man, after one year I assigned him as the single administrator of the company and I also gave him 20 percent of the shares", recalls Gheorghe Tofan. Tofan group from the first moment tried by legal means to block all the changes operated by Radulescu at the Register of Commerce and also tried to call a shareholders' assembly with a view to replacing Radulescu as single administrator. Tofan group representatives in parallel with the civil lawsuits filed a penal complaint to the police and then to the Prosecutor General's Office, with the complaint having been signed by british citizen Anthony Evans, who was assigned as Tofan group president in 2001, following the association between Tofan group and Nomura, one of the most powerful investment companies on the international market. Gheorghe Tofan denounced the fact that the police failed to take any measures to hamper Stefan Radulescu from operating further changes at the company. The case is currently at the Prosecutor General's Office which over the last month has overseen police investigations into the case.

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