18 December 2000

In 2000, Tofan Grup exceeded a turnover of $255 million (Mediafax)

Tofan will exceed a turnover of $255 million and the value of the exports amounts to $60 million, according to a release of Tofan Group, sent to MEDIAFAX on Friday. Tofan Group holds the outer cover output plants Danubiana-Bucuresti, Victoria-Floresti, Silvania-Zalau, Rotras-Turnu Severin, as well as the Tire Research Institute, Cerelast and Fabrica Recap-of outer cover repair. Tofan Grup holds over 2/3 from the Romanian market of outer cover and benefit of foreign partnerships with important financial investors, such as Nomura International, or producers and distributors of outer cover from all around the world. The national delivery network, Automaxima, has over 2000 selling points in the country. Tofan Trans, another company of the group, provides transportation services in over 20 countries. Tofan Group was founded in 1991, when it realized a turnover of $500,000 and 10 employees. During December 15-19, in Bucharest, will take place the event " Tofan Days ", that marks the balance sheet of 2000 and will offer different prizes.

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