23 September 1998

Tofan Grup exhibits Romanian best tyres at Bucharest Car Show (Rompres)

Bucharest, September 23 [Rompres] - Tofan Grup company, present in the Bucharest Car Show with "performing, high quality tyres", covers 70% of the domestic market, 2.5 million pieces yield a year, the group's president Gelu Tofan says in an interview with the daily Cronica Romana. He adds that Tofan Grup links its products quality to its customers' confidence in car driving.

Referring to the progresses registered this year, Gelu Tofan says that, besides the licences from the Romanian Car Office, the Dynamic Fitness Test Institute with the British Ministry of Defence and the European Economic Community Operative Body, the Tofan Grup plants have received a licence according to the regulations by the National Defence Ministry of Romania and SR.EN ISO 9001. These certificates are much more important as the tyres made at Victoria SA plant are dedicated to the military transport means' outfitting, Tofan adds.

Tofan Grup has got licence for its entire range of tyres. The company's exports, meaning 60% of the yield by Danubiana /Bucharest/ are certified by British Standard Institute and head the USA, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany.

Another aspect Tofan dealt with in the interview is referring to the "unfair competition of second-hand tyres importers". In order to make suitable to these "unfavourable circumstances", Tofan Grup has last year adopted a range of restructuring measures. Some technological lines have changed and the tyres standard design diversified.

Tofan Recap for retreading tyres plant and its distribution system also belong to the Tofan Grup. The said plant has built, in cooperation with Automaxima, a system of its own including 40 county branches and a network of shops.

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