06 November 1997

The Rumanian Tofan will manufacture Nokia's Bulk tyres (Kauppalehti)

Nokian Renkaat, the Finnish tyre manufacturer, has made a co-operation agreement with S.C. Tofan Grup S.A., the Rumanian tyre manufacturer, over the production of Nokian's tyres in Rumania. Tofan will start to produce tyres for agricultural and industrial use gradually from the beginning of 1998. The turnover on the Rumanian production is to go up to between FM 30 million and FM 45 million in the next three to five years. Tofan has a turnover of over FM 1 billion, and a quality certificate ISO 9000.

Nokian Renkaat has a turnover of FM 300 million from its heavy tyre business. The transfer of bulk production to Rumania will increase resources in its Finnish factory, which will be used for strategically more important products.


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